The Korean Society of Aesthetics and Science of Art was established on July 22, 1989 under the name of the ‘Association of Aesthetics and Science of Art’ for the purpose of ‘contributing to the research activities and development of aesthetics, the science of art, and their related studies.’ Thereafter, it was renamed the ‘Korean Society of Aesthetics and Science of Art’ on November 5, 1994, has existed until today, and currently, it is contributing greatly to the development of the fields of aesthetics and the science of arts through active research activities of more than 300 member researchers.

This society aims to explore the intrinsic academic identity of aesthetics and the science of art while exchanging broadly with related studies, reestablishing the academic identity of aesthetics and the science of art, and expanding the breadth of the same. In addition, this society also aims to study the characteristics of diverse individual fields of art and prepare theoretical foundations of the same fields by breaking way from the theoretical purity of universal aesthetics that stays at philosophical thinking to provide the interpretations and discourses required for individual art scenes thereby playing the role of developing and spreading art culture.

Under such goals, this society has been constantly striving to improve the qualitative level of studies, unceasingly negotiating widely with related studies, and carrying out innovation work to innovate and reconstruct the academic identity of aesthetics and the science of art. In such processes, this society has thickly accumulated philosophical and scientific study results regarding diverse contemporary art phenomena and experiences including accumulated experiences and text research activities regarding the beauty and art of the East and the West.

Along with steady accumulation of the results of studies of classical and modern aesthetics, this society has placed the top priority focus on raising questions about the meanings, characteristics, and roles of beauty and art present today, and intends to strengthen the original interdisciplinary and consilience characteristics of the journal named The Journal of Aesthetics and Science of Art in step with changes in contemporary culture, society, and academic fields. Furthermore, this society will contribute to the spiritual life of contemporary people by actively discovering new aesthetic and artistic problems following the development of technological civilization, and pursue the development of the same academic field by expanding the extension of aesthetics and the science of art thereby establishing a new identity of this field.

This society currently publishes academic journals three times a year (February, June, October) and holds regular conferences twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn. In addition to planning presentations, the conference organizes a session where members can freely present their research results to provide a forum for presentations to many members while supporting rising researchers.

Board Members
President Sun-Kyu Ha(Hongik University)
Vice President Jun-Sik Won(Daejeon University)
General Affairs Director Jong-Chul Choi(Ewha Womans University)
Research Director Eui-Jung Han(Chung-Buk National University)
Conference Planning Director Su-Mi Kang(Dongduk Women's University)
Business Advertising Director Ji-Suk Hong(Dankook University)
For further information please send an email to ksasa@ksasa.org