Aims and Scope
The Journal of Aesthetics and Science of Art aims to accumulate the results of academic research into beauty and art, and furthermore, its ultimate goal is to contribute practically to the various fields of art that take place in the social community and at the scenes. This journal asks and re-establishes the characteristics and meanings of the contemporary beauty and art in the age we live through studies on the understandings of beauty and art that have been developed diversely along with changes in religions, ideologies, and social cultures thereby promoting new thinking in the arenas of education, social culture, and life, leading to advancement toward a richer and more open future.

Under the goal as such, this journal is not limited to traditional philosophical aesthetics, but pursues academic approaches to the fields of special arts based on the foregoing. Accordingly, this journal encompasses scientific studies of aesthetic theories, and fields of art, theories and practice, philosophical questions, and phenomena in individual art genres, and promotes studies that take notice of the correlation between theoretical universality and other artistic practices. Through the foregoing, this journal aims to serve the function to mediate between theories and practices by inducing practical discourses in the field of art and providing theoretical systems.

In doing so, above all, the core purpose of this journal is to promote not only individual art theories regarding beauty and artistic phenomena in the fields of literature, art, music, dance, sports, film, theater, and photography but also integrative and interdisciplinary studies that connect and intersectionally contemplate the foregoing studies. In addition, the fact that this journal promotes metacritical studies that rethink the meanings and validity of theories and research methodologies derived from individual fields of art on an aesthetic basis can be said to be the distinctiveness of The Journal of Aesthetics and Science of Art different from other journals.

Since studies of beauty and artistic phenomena are conducted in the general aesthetic aspect regarding the concept and characteristics of terms and meanings in general, and in the special aesthetic aspect regarding individual art genres, artists, and works of art, and individual aspects can be explored with historical longitudinal studies and transverse studies by age, the scope of publication of this journal is universal aesthetics, special aesthetics, and all studies conducted in historical and periodic perspectives in both areas.

Concretely, both Oriental and Western histories of aesthetics, ancient aesthetics, medieval aesthetics, modern aesthetics, contemporary aesthetics, art history methodologies, art history theories, art theories (fine art, music, dance, film, theater, photography, etc.), art criticism, media aesthetics, media theories, studies on the aesthetic characteristics of individual artists' works and art trends, and recently encouraged studies on science, environments, and cultural signs of the postmodern era can be published in this journal. In particular, meta-studies and convergent studies on these theories can be highly regarded as studies that best fit the characteristics of this journal.